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Our Latest Project


An Immersive electro-acoustic music album

AFTERLIGHT has been designed to envelope you in a sphere of sound, with different textures and frequencies located in different parts of the listening space.

How to Listen:

We recommend listening to AFTERLIGHT in a space equipped with a Dolby ATMOS®-capable 7.1.4 speaker system.

Dave&Glenn Afterlight Album Front.jpg

Take time to walk around the space as you listen, or sit in the middle and turn from time to time to face different directions—no need to be glued to the sweet spot.

If you prefer headphones, Apple Music Spatial Audio and Tidal Dolby Atmos are the only platforms that stream the immersive signal over headphones.


Amazon Music HD sounds best using Amazon's Echo Studio.

If you have an Atmos-enabled soundbar connected to your TV, stream it via your platform's music app.

AmazonMusic HD.png
Apple Music Dolby.png
Tidal Dolby Atmos.jpg
Dave&Glenn Afterlight Album Back med.jpg
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